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German language institute in Pune

German language institute in Pune

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Today when the world has been transformed into a village, multilingualism has gained tremendous significance. Language constructs our thinking and it enables us to function in this communicative world. With scientific, technological, commercial and cultural exchange on its high internationally, knowledge of foreign languages has become an essential qualification.
With an aim to strengthen the multi-lingual capacities of Indians, SIFIL commenced its activities in the year 2000. Today SIFIL has full-fledged, well-designed modules for six foreign languages- German, Spanish, French, Japanese, Korean and Chinese. To facilitate communication between Indians pouring into Pune from other parts of India, SIFIL has planned courses in Functional Hindi and Functional Marathi. International students can also benefit from all the SIFIL courses, thus bridging the barriers arising due to cultural displacements.

Why learn a foreign language?

Learning a foreign language challenges your brain and you get the satisfaction of learning something new. It provides a helping hand in knowing other cultures and life styles which in turn makes your international travels easy and enjoyable. From the career point of view, knowing a foreign language proves to be an additional point and helps create more business opportunities. Learning a foreign language helps enrich your personality and carry a different, a more positive attitude. One learns to appreciate films, music, arts & sports of different cultures. Learning a foreign language is another feather in your cap and plus it is a lot of FUN at SIFIL!!!

Interested in a career in Japan, the Land of the Rising Sun? SIFIL is organising an orientation programme for “Working in Japan”We have invited Mr. Tomonori Sekiguchi, President and CEO of Woogway, Mr. Abhijeet Ghanekar, Partner(Founder) Aarya Woogway and Mr. Shigeta, Associate of Aarya Woogway. This programme will be beneficial to all students studying foreign languages. This is also a wonderful opportunity for those who wish to study Japanese and dream of a career in Japan.

We will be conducting two exactly identical sessions. They will include Q & A. You may attend any one of the two:

No. of Sessions







Sat. September 2, 2017

4.00 pm to 5.00 pm

Auditorium:Ground floor



Mon. September 4, 2017

5.00 pm to 6.00 pm


Conference room : F6 : 1st floor


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